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Virtuos Boxing
Craftsmanship and style are the words used to describe the hand-crafted Italian leather boxing accessories made and designed by Virtuos Boxing.
Our Founding
All great companies have a great story, and Virtuos Boxing is no exception. Virtuos Boxing was founded by Donato DeMartiis, a native of Torino, Italy. Donato was taught the art of boxing from his father, Alessandro, who like many other Italians fled to Torino after World War II to find a better life for himself. This eventually led to a job as a factory worker and a career as a professional fighter. Donato has many fond memories of learning boxing moves from his father and vividly remembers wearing his father’s own gloves, filing him with a sense of empowerment and pride in his father’s legacy.
Donato understands the needs of boxers because he has personally been in the ring. As a professional coach at the world famous 5th Street Gym, the training facility of Mohammed Ali, Donato knows the standards a fighter’s gloves need to hold up to in order to withstand the rigorous demands of training and boxing matches.
This is what inspired the creation of Virtuos Boxing and our line of gloves and gear – a timeless style and strength that can only be found in Italian leather goods.
Like the love of boxing that Alessandro passed on to his son, we Italians pass on the art of fine leather craftsmanship from generation to generation. Through centuries of dedicated workmanship, we take pride in the beautiful, yet durable leather products we create.
Boxing Gloves
We believe boxing is a noble art which deserves to be honored with hand-crafted, quality gloves. It is this inspiration, which drove Donato to establish Virtuos Boxing. The fabric lining of our gloves is breathable, which allows for comfort during those sweaty rounds in the ring. The beautiful Italian leather our gloves are made of will last from your first match to your last, like a faithful friend. The craftsmanship of each handmade pair of gloves provides individuality, as well as timeless style. They are not merely accessories; our gloves are a symbol of your pride in the effort you invest in honing your boxing skills. Each time you train in our hand-crafted Italian leather gloves, you will feel like the champion you are.
Fashion Meets Function
Not only does Virtuos Boxing offer high-quality leather boxing gloves, but we also offer stylish apparel. Our t-shirts are made from 100% breathable cotton material and are offered in a variety of rich colors. If you’re looking for fashion and comfort, our shirts will easily become a wardrobe staple in and out of the gym.
With all of this great gear, you will also need a bag that is fashionable and spacious. This is where our beautifully crafted leather gym bag comes in. Not only will you be stylish, but also you’ll be prepared for whatever training throws at you on any given day.
Our boxing shoes are designed by one of the most demanded designers in Italy. The yare lightweight and durable, making them an excellent choice for practicing your footwork or walking down the street.
Boxing is not merely about sport or activity, but a disciplined lifestyle. While others may see boxing as a rapidly growing trend, at Virtuos Boxing it is a timeless art, deserving of only the finest leather accessories to carry on the legacy.
Donato De Martiis
Luciano De Martiis
Licensed Dealer/ Europe
Simone Barioglio
Developer and IT Support
Giovanna De Martiis
Customer Care Manager
Nadia Porter
Communication Manager
Marco Olmo
Purchase Manager
Maria Caramanno
Design Consultant

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